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Lori McCarthy is a fiercely proud Newfoundlander. Deeply rooted in her island’s culture, she is a skilled chef and outdoorswoman, ever guided by a sense of responsibility to the place, its traditions and its stories. Resourcefulness is her birthright—hunting and foraging, working with what the land provides. Conservation and sustainability inform her every move.

For McCarthy, traditional food culture is central. She's committed to keeping the wild game and foods of Newfoundland on plates for generations to come, and passing on the pride to those who will inherit the island's bounty.

“I believe the soul of a place never leaves, because it lives in the people, in the traditions they share, the food they share and in the human spirit of togetherness.”

Journey to experience: Lori McCarthy’s company Food Culture Place connects travellers with Newfoundland and Labrador’s storied food culture through Cultural Food Residencies. These 3 or 6 day residencies create the opportunity to get a greater understanding of a place through the land and sea. Guests learn seashore foraging, game butchery, wild game cookery, and other skills that have been honed over generations by the people of the island.

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Lori McCarthy

Lori McCarthy, Food laureate
Mobile, Newfoundland and Labrador




Watch Lori's TED Talk

Lori will be attending Destination Canada’s signature event, Incentive Canada, taking place from August 13-16, 2023 in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

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