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Kris Alexander, a professor of video game design, is an advocate for the power of video games to enhance online instruction, cater to different types of learning, and provide clear objectives. And he argues that there isn’t a single job, trade or discipline that doesn’t connect in some way to the video game industry.

Humans acquire information in three ways: audio, text and visual. Video games combine all three channels, while adding a necessary fourth component—enjoyment, which translates to motivation. So if we haven’t already, maybe it’s time we take video games seriously, and explore the ways they can influence or inspire education.

“Video games contain the blueprint for creating engaging educational content because they cater to human learning.”

Journey to experience: PHI Centre in Montréal, Quebec, is dedicated to innovation at the frontiers of creative production, with an emphasis on digital technologies and emerging mediums.


Updated March 17, 2023


Kris Alexander

Kris Alexander, Video game wizard
Toronto, Ontario



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