Valentine’s Day social media activation

We will be sharing the love for Canada this Valentine’s Day by asking our audience to create an Instagram story with an image of a place in Canada that makes their hearts glow. We would love to showcase your stories and kick start the project by highlighting your beautiful destinations.



Create some stories of your own, showcasing your beautiful locations in Canada and what you love about them!



  1. An image of a location you love
  2. A brief description of why you love that special place
  3. @explorecanada and #ForGlowingHearts tags
  4. Our newly designed stickers (you can find these by searching for ‘for glowing hearts’)
  5. Location tag

We’ll share our favourites on our own account, along with hashtags and relevant swipe up links.



The initial launch of this activation will be on Valentine’s Day, so please post your Stories as soon as possible that day so that we can share a selection. We also ask that you save the files to this drive as we may not be able to share everyone’s on the same day due to volume. We’d like to continue this project throughout the year, so we will use your saved files to assist with this and keep up the momentum! Please also let us know if you have a specific link you’d like us to use for the swipe up.