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Born north of Montréal, Normand Voyer sparked his passion for chemistry while making (and testing!) gunpowder. He’s now a chemist and professor of chemistry at Université Laval, where his research into new natural products has led to discoveries of potential therapeutics. His work also demonstrates the molecular richness of the Canadian Great White North and the importance of stewarding its fragile ecosystems.

When he’s not in his laboratory or harvesting plants in Nunavik, Voyer promotes science to the general public, particularly teens. He has presented his lecture "The chemistry of love" hundreds of times, to some 65,000 people. As a radio and television commentator, he has made more than 400 appearances, speaking on myriad subjects, including rust, mosquitos and snowflakes. He has received several science teaching awards.

 “Who knows if the next generation of much needed anti-inflammatory agents, or cancer-fighting drugs, or the cure for Alzheimer’s will be inspired by the natural products from Nunavik's lichen.”


Updated May 25, 2023

Normand Voyer

Normand Voyer, Molecular prospector
Neuville, Québec 



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