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Michael Green and the ambitious team of architects and designers at MGA use new materials and technologies to spur sustainable innovation and construction in projects ranging from single-family homes to large-scale masterplans.

Since founding MGA in 2012, Green has been an advocate for change in the building industry—lecturing internationally on sustainable design and materials, leading research and education initiatives in climate, environment, disaster and global shelter needs, and authoring publications on mass timber. Over the past decade the firm has completed some of the world’s most significant timber buildings and has been recognized with more than 50 international awards for design excellence.

An avid adventurer, Green has explored remote regions of every continent—ice climbing, mountaineering, ocean kayaking and biking—and his journeys through nature are what inspire his work.

“If we … considered the amount of building the world needs over the next 40 years, the wasted material would fill all the Great Lakes.”


Updated June 9, 2023

Michael Green

Michael Green, Architect
Vancouver, British Columbia




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