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Matricia Bauer’s traditional name is: Isko-achitaw waciy / ᐃᐢᑯ ᐃᐦᒋᑕ ᐘᒋᕀ, which translates to “she who moves mountains.” She is a tour guide, singer, drummer, speaker and artist who has shared her culture in hundreds of schools across Alberta. She has also lectured at several domestic and international conferences.

Bauer leads Warrior Women Inc., a collective of Indigenous women who drum, sing and seek to educate others about the beauty of their culture. Her crafts, such as mitts, moccasins, earrings and drums, infuse traditional styles with a modern twist, and she recently also launched a herbology business, Wisakipakos Indigenous Bitters.

“The most powerful realization is that instead of looking externally to find myself, I started to look internally.”


Updated May 18, 2023

Matricia Bauer

Matricia Bauer, Mountain mover
Jasper, Alberta



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