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Cameron Davis is a student and activist from Ontario. In 2020, he spoke at a Black Lives Matter protest, addressing the stresses he faces just trying to be a kid, and the speech later went viral. Shortly after, he co-founded BYR Youth, an organization that advocates for Black youth in the region of York, Canada, and also promotes allyship and community leadership. He has shared his message locally and globally through speaking engagements with students, police and governments. He is also a youth leader for the Children’s General Assembly, which presents an annual manifesto to the United Nations General Assembly.

Davis is currently studying for a political science degree at the University of Ottawa, while also designing his clothing brand, 721 Merch, which raises money for disenfranchised youth. He is the recipient of several scholarships, including the Iris Malcolm Memorial Award, the JCA Dudley Laws Memorial Scholarship and the Alliance of Educators for Black Students Lesmond Scholarship.

 “By understanding and respecting each other, not just in our neighbourhoods, provinces, or countries, but globally, it's easier to have tough conversations and create solutions that work for multiple parties.”


Updated June 1, 2023

Cameron Davis

Cameron Davis, Youth advocate
Ottawa, Ontario




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