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Azim Shariff is a Canada 150 Research Chair and professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, where he applies the insights of moral psychology to matters of social interest. He has conducted research on religion, climate change, economic mobility, free will and punishment, privacy, and driverless cars. His work investigates how our often-ancient moral intuitions shape and respond to the cultural institutions and technologies of the modern world.

A graduate of the Universities of Toronto and British Columbia, Shariff taught in Oregon, California and Abu Dhabi before returning to Canada. He teaches a massive open online course on the science of religion that is free to the public through edX.

 “When we attach moral value to activity, rather than to productivity, we become more concerned with how hard someone is working, rather than what is actually being achieved by the work.”


Updated May 11, 2023

Azim Shariff

Azim Shariff, Morality mapper
Vancouver, British Columbia




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