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Millennial Travel

Millennials are the fastest growing travel segment and one of the largest and most influential groups of travellers worldwide.

Celebrations and major events are significant drivers of millennial travel, making Canada 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017 an opportune time for the Canadian tourism industry to refresh Canada’s travel story and its perceptions among Canadian millennials. This is why Destination Canada has teamed up with provincial, destination and national travel partners to develop a campaign that inspires Canadian millennials to travel Canada leading up to, during and beyond Canada’s 150th birthday. Working with Bell Media, our goal is to reach 4.4 million Canadian millennials aged 18-34 and encourage an additional 150,000 trips by the end of 2017.


Campaign Highlights

  • Canadian experiences are showcased through editorial, photos and videos hosted on dedicated campaign websites. Much.com hosts the English campaign, "Far & Wide" and VoyageVoyage.ca hosts the French language campaign, "Infiniment Canada".
  • The campaign's influential talent support the content by documenting and sharing their journey in real time through their social channels.
  • Time sensitive travel offers round out the content to incite travel now.
  • The campaign has been extended into the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan and South Korea.

Signature Experiences

Signature Experiences

Destination Canada’s Canadian Signature Experiences (CSE) are a collection of once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences found only in Canada.

Experiences are the new ‘currency’ that differentiates tourism businesses and destinations around the world. They are expanding the ways travellers can engage with people, places and cultures. Highlighting some of the country’s most innovative products for international visitors, CSEs show the world what Canada’s tourism brand is all about.

Program Highlights

  • The CSE collection helps eligible tourism businesses promote their product internationally.
  • The program makes it easier for the travel trade industry to sell more of Canada. Media can leverage the collection to find a rich array of story ideas and resources to share with their audiences.
  • There are currently over 200 Canadian Signature Experiences, representative of all provinces and territories, in the collection.


Businesses that want to become part of the CSE collection need to apply through their Provincial Marketing Organization (PMO). The PMO conducts a full evaluation of the applications and submits their recommendation to Destination Canada for review. There is no cost to apply.