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Destination Canada is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, and maintains offices in Ottawa, China, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Destination Canada also employs General Sales Agents around the world. Business contacts and tourism partners can contact us at the locations provided below.

Destination Canada

800 - 1045 Howe Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6Z 2A9

Google Map of 1045 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC

International Offices


France French Flag

Sandra Teakle
Managing Director | Media Contact
T +33-1-47-03-63-61
Cyrielle Bon
Marketing Manager
T +33-1-47-03-63-62
Amandine Vanhoutte
Manager Trade Partnerships
T +33-1-47-03-63-63

Germany German Flag

Nora Kutsche
Senior Manager, Travel Trade
T +49-234-32498076
Barbara Ackermann
Account Director
T +49 234-32498074
Kirsten Bungart
PR & Media Manager
T +49-234-32498075

United Kingdom British Flag

Adam Hanmer
Manager, Travel Trade
Nim Singh
Manager, Media & Public Relations

Australia Australian Flag

Donna Campbell
Managing Director
T +61-2-9819-7632
Philippa Macken
Account Director, Media
T +61-2-9819-7632
Nathan McLoughlin
Account Director, Trade
T +61-2-9819-7632

China Chinese Flag

Vanessa Wu
Acting Managing Director
T +86-10-8529-9066
Michelle Yan
Travel Trade Manager
Lisa Hu
Marketing Manager

India Indian Flag

Carl Vaz
CEO & Strategy Director
T +91-22-2838-9777
Manisha Kak
Manager, Community & Social Media
T +91-22-2838-9777
Conrad Gomes
Senior Manager, Administration and Projects
T +91-22-2838-9777

Japan Japanese Flag

Masayo Hando
Managing Director
T +81-3-5774-9600
Satomi Nakagawa
Manager, Travel Trade, Media and Public Relations
T +81-3-5774-9603

South Korea South Korean Flag

Anna Lee
Managing Director | Media Contact
T +822-733-7478
Stella Lee
Trade Director
T +822-733-7479

Mexico Mexican Flag

Jorge Morfín Stoopen
Managing Partner
T +52-55-5514-4849
Alethia García Viana
Director, Media & Public Relations
T +52-55-5514-4849

United States American Flag

Kate Rogers
Media Contact

Contact Us

As Canada’s national marketing organization, Destination Canada does not provide individual travel advice (visit our consumer site), visa or immigration information, promotional items, or funding/sponsorship for new businesses or events. For all other requests, please contact us using the form below.