Powering the visitor economy: Destination Canada’s 2018 Annual Report

Powering the visitor economy: Destination Canada’s 2018 Annual Report

Canada welcomed 21.1 million international travellers in 2018, setting a second-consecutive record-breaking year.

At Destination Canada, we know that the impact of one visitor to Canada can have a ripple effect that can be felt across the country. This visitor economy is a complex and dynamic ecosystem and understanding our role within it reminds us of our raison d’être. Over the last year, we’ve been focused on supporting this thriving economy in three ways: working collaboratively with our Team Canada partners, deploying marketing that is predicated on purposeful data and looking at innovative ways to overcome common barriers.

"There are many things working in Canada’s favour right now – international excitement about Canada and its brand have never been stronger" says Ben Cowan-Dewar, Chairperson of Destination Canada’s Board of Directors. "While there is much to do in the years ahead to maximize Canada’s growth potential, I am proud of the tremendous work that has occurred throughout 2018. I would like to thank the team at Destination Canada for their hard work and dedication, and to my board colleagues for their exemplary service and continued guidance."

"In this age of acceleration and change, it’s important now more than ever to distinguish our strengths and identify opportunities for growth. While we actively anticipate the future, collaboration of Team Canada is pivotal in ensuring long-term sustainability of the sector." says David F. Goldstein, President and CEO of Destination Canada. "I want to thank our partners for their passion and commitment. Together, we are creating the next era of travel."

Together, our marketing activities generated an additional 1.39 million additional visitors, spending over $1.76 billion and supporting 13,300 jobs in 2018. It’s clear that tourism is an economic driver and no surprise that it’s Canada’s largest ever service export.

Read the 2018 Annual Report.

Posted: May 16, 2019

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