The frontlines of Canada’s visitor economy

The frontlines of Canada’s visitor economy

Hear from tourism champions who contribute to, benefit from and drive the sector forward.

As announced February 21, Canada recorded a second consecutive record-breaking year with 21.13 million travellers to the country in 2018.

That’s good news for all Canadian communities from coast to coast to coast who thrive as part of this vibrant sector and contribute to the visitor economy. From the almost 200,000 small-to-medium sized businesses that support one in 10 jobs, to over $21B generated through spending, to community and cultural development and pride - the impacts are far reaching.

 While the numbers are impressive, they tell part of the story. For a more complete picture, we turn to the people on the frontlines – those who welcome visitors to the country, their communities and homes every day.

Hear from Canadian businesses who share what tourism means for them and how it drives their communities and the country forward.



 Hear other first-hand accounts from Canada’s tourism ambassadors in Destination Canada’s 2018 Annual Public Meeting.

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