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More than 14.3 million Americans visited Canada in 2017, up 3% over 2016.

Supported by the continued expansion of air capacity between Canada and the US in 2017 (+4%), the number of US tourists arriving in Canada by air achieved record numbers for the 3rd consecutive year in 2017, representing 34% of US overnight arrivals, up over 10 percentage points vs. 2002.

American tourists spend just over $650 per trip to Canada, staying an average of 4 nights. They are more likely to be aged 55+, older than the average international traveller to Canada, representing 45% of arrivals.

Trying local foods, food-based festivals and events and enjoying the natural attractions of Canada were top of the list for American tourists.

American tourists travel to Ontario most often, with Toronto and Niagara Falls being the most visited destinations. British Columbia and Quebec are the next most visited, with Vancouver, Montreal and Quebec City being the biggest draws. American tourists are most likely to travel to Canada between June and August.

Almost half of American visitors consult a travel agent for their trip to Canada, either for research or booking.  Flights to Canada are most often booked through travel agents online, while accommodations are equally booked either directly with the provider or through travel agents online.


Market Reports

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Market Highlights

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Consumer Campaigns

This campaign featured storytelling content to showcase the unexpected side of Canada. This approach integrated publishers and a multi-channel media strategy to inspire US travellers.

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