Market Background

Mexican arrivals to Canada skyrocketed by 24% year-over-year to reach 243,460 visitors in 2016, among the strongest growth observed from Destination Canada’s key markets in the past year.

Arrivals into Canada are expected to grow even more in 2017, with a relaxation of visa requirements and considerable increases in air capacity (largely via Aeromexico into Vancouver, Montreal & Toronto) driving this trend.

Mexicans intend to spend more on overseas travel too – according to research conducted by Destination Canada, 38% of Mexicans say they will spend more on long haul trips this year. Trips to Canada for recreation are growing, and as of 2015 made up 40% of all Mexican trips to Canada.  

In 2015, the majority of visits included at least one trip to either Ontario, British Columbia or Quebec. However, with Aeromexico now servicing Calgary, we anticipate that Alberta will see more Mexican travellers in 2017.  

Travel agents remained pivotal in securing bookings for Mexican travellers, with 44% using one to book their flight to Canada.



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Consumer Campaigns

An integrated consumer/trade/media campaign developed to motivate Mexicans to travel to Canada and communicate news that visas would no longer be required for travel from Mexico to Canada.

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