Market Background

Canada welcomed just over 251,000 Japanese travellers in 2018. On average, Japanese visitors spend about $1,800 per trip to Canada, staying for around 14 nights.

Japanese leisure travellers are most interested in visiting Canada between July and August (30% of travellers) and September-October (28%).

Japanese leisure travellers are most interested in participating in nature-based experiences – seeing mountains or waterfalls, witnessing the northern lights, visiting nature parks and immersing themselves in the fall colours. City, culinary and historical themes are also popular to combine with nature-based experiences.

44% of recent Japanese leisure travellers to Canada booked their entire trip as part of an organized group travel package via a travel agent or tour operator.

Market Reports

Global Tourism Watch

Consumer-based intelligence and key strategic considerations for the tourism market in Japan from our annual Global Tourism Watch study in 2018.

Global Tourism Watch

Market Profile

A comprehensive report providing in-depth insights into the tourism market in Japan and recommendations for marketing.

Market Profile

Market Highlights

A brief, at-a-glance summary of key facts on travellers from Japan.

Market Highlights

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Canada Theatre is an innovative three-year integrated trade, media and social media campaign in Japan. The Canada Theatre website delivers content designed to appeal to adventurous and experience-driven Japanese travellers.

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