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Over 303,000 Japanese travellers explored Canada in 2016, an increase of 10% over 2015.

While growth in the Japanese economy was relatively soft, increases in the Yen’s buying power and a lift in direct air capacity drove more visits to Canada in 2016.  

In 2015, the majority of Japanese visitors included Ontario, British Columbia or Alberta as part of their travel itinerary, driven largely by direct air access to these regions. Canada’s North also attracted significant visitation when compared to Destination Canada's other markets.

According to Destination Canada’s research, Japanese affinity for the North is unsurprising; natural attractions and the Northern Lights rate as the top activities on the wish list of Japanese tourists in Canada (both at 45% of long haul travellers).

In 2015, arrivals from Japan started to increase in May (during Golden Week), all the way through to mid-Autumn. The majority of travellers arrived in Canada for pleasure (39%), with older Millennials (aged 25-34 years old) and people aged 55+ making up the bulk of Japanese recreational tourists.


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Canada Theatre is an innovative three-year integrated trade, media and social media campaign in Japan. The Canada Theatre website delivers content designed to appeal to adventurous and experience-driven Japanese travellers.

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