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Market Background

The world is well aware that Canadians are avid travellers.  In 2019, they spent 256 million nights on leisure trips to domestic and foreign destinations, during which they spent over $42.5 billion in these destinations, excluding airfare.

Overnight leisure trips to domestic destinations captured less than half of this time (42% or 108 million nights) and these expenditures (35% or $14.9 billion). 

By choosing to explore Canada, Canadians can play a critical role in bolstering the tourism economy, creating jobs and revitalizing local businesses across Canada.  A shift in vacation time and spending from international to domestic travels will sustain jobs and rebuild businesses upon which  communities depend for their vitality and the quality of life of all Canadians.

2020 Annual Global Tourism Watch
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Liz Sperandeo

Media & Public Relations Strategist


Destination Canada
800 - 1045 Howe Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
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