Laws of Attraction for High-Value Guests

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How The Global High-End Travel Market is Changing

With the global high-end travel market set to exceed $2.5 trillion in value by 2030, it is important that Canada’s tourism industry remain globally competitive and understand how to best attract high-value guests. Destination Canada partnered with FT Longitude, the research arm of the Financial Times, to conduct research on the high-end travel market.

  • This research consisted of interviews and surveys with global Travel Trade Agents, Tour Operators, and Meetings / Conference Event Organizers who work with clients that spend over $1,300 CAD per day during travel.
  • This new report delves into some important questions including, how has the definition of what high-value guests want shifted? What new motivations, trends and predictions does the travel industry need to know about? And how can it make the most of this market?
  • The research also takes a localized view of how Canada is perceived in the minds of high-value guests.
  • The findings reveal three laws of attraction the travel industry should leverage to connect with high-value guests and ensure that every trip is tailored to their needs.

To learn more, check out the full report, infographic and video below.


 “Luxury isn’t measured by how big your room is anymore—it’s a given that it has to be a great room. It’s a given that you need great food and amenities. The measure of luxury is how you make someone feel.”

- Jack Ezon, Founder and Managing Partner, EMBARK Beyond

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