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Who We Are


At Destination Canada we believe in the power of tourism. Our aspiration is to enhance the quality of life of Canadians and enrich the lives of visitors.

Our mission is to influence supply and build demand for the benefit of locals, communities and visitors through leading research, building alignment with public and private sectors, and marketing Canada nationally and abroad. In collaboration with our partners, we promote Canada as a premier four-season leisure and business tourism destination around the country and world.

Destination Canada’s approach focuses on markets where Canada’s tourism brand leads and yields the highest return on investment. We use research to drive our evidence-based marketing in nine key geographic leisure source markets: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom and the United States. In addition, our Business Events team leverage in-depth global market analysis to target international clusters aligned with Canada's priority economic sectors.

We believe that Canada's diversity, its greatest asset, is also, what touches travellers' hearts most deeply. To that end, we are committed to inclusive leadership within our workforce, workplace, and interactions with partners and travellers alike.

Destination Canada is a Crown corporation wholly owned by the Government of Canada and formed under the Canadian Tourism Commission Act.


Together, we create the next era of travel, inspiring those with glowing hearts to fall in love with Canada.

Our Values


We believe in the expertise of our people and deepen trust with our partners by holding ourselves to the highest standards for our actions and results.


We challenge ourselves and each other to go beyond the status quo. Every day, we strive to maximize learning and embrace better ways of thinking and doing.


Our shared passion and pride for Canada inspires and engages others. Our collective commitment strengthens the Canadian tourism sector.


Our achievements are the result of the diverse perspectives, experiences and contributions of our team and partners. As inclusive leaders, we listen and learn from each other because open collaboration always makes the work better.


We approach our work with courage and curiosity. Leading the industry, we identify competitive advantage through an informed and creative approach that charts an ambitious path for others to follow.



Destination Canada is committed to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (J.E.D.I.).

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When we commit to justice, we commit to dismantling barriers to resources and opportunities so that all individuals and communities can live a full and dignified life.

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When we commit to diversity, we commit to recognizing all the differences between us based on which we experience advantages or barriers. These differences could be based on race, ability, gender identity and more.

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When we commit to equity, we commit to allocating resources and our time to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities. 


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When we commit to inclusion, we commit to fostering a sense of belonging by centering, valuing and amplifying the voice, perspectives and styles of those who experience more barriers based on their identities.


As storytellers, marketers and representatives of Canada’s tourism sector, we recognize our position of influence, and the importance of our work, workplace and workforce in reflecting the many voices and places that make up Canada.

Against the backdrop of a shifting and changing social landscape, including recognition of injustices to Indigenous peoples in Canada, rising anti-Asian sentiment and the Black Lives Matter movement, we continue to take actions to shift and share power - creating space for equity in painting an authentic and representative picture of Canada.

We look to learn on our own, seek out opportunities to learn from experts compensated for their time, and grow with the help of our partners, collaborators and role models.

Change is a continual process that, at times, can feel uncertain and difficult — but each small action that we take is a step towards creating a better Destination Canada. Like Haida author and artist Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas’ story of the Little Hummingbird, where the tiny bird dedicates itself to putting droplets of water on the fire until it is extinguished, “I am doing what I can.”


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Masha Walden
Marsha Walden President and CEO LinkedIn

Marsha’s career spans leadership roles in strategy and organizational renewal, marketing and communications, corporate social responsibility, operations management, and business innovation. She joins Destination Canada from Destination British Columbia where she served as the President and CEO since 2013.

The Honourable Liza Frulla
The Honourable Liza Frulla, P.C., C.M., O.Q. Chair of the Board of Directors

Liza Frulla is an active member of the Canadian tourism sector and former federal and provincial Minister. She served as the CEO of the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) since 2015 and was a member of the Advisory Council on Jobs and the Visitor Economy.

Monique Gomel
Monique Gomel Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors LinkedIn

Monique brings 20+ years of global strategic planning and marketing leadership experience across various sectors, including tourism. In addition to her role at Rocky Mountaineer, Monique has served on several tourism boards.

Patti Balsillie
Patti Balsillie Specialist, Tourism and Northern Development LinkedIn

Patti brings over 20 years of experience in governance and development for the private and non-profit sectors in Canada’s North.  Tourism planning for UNESCO sites, First Nation Traditional Territories, niche feasibility and more comprise Patti’s expertise.

Julie Canning
Julie Canning Cowgirl and Operating Partner, Banff Trail Riders LinkedIn

Julie is an owner and entrepreneur at Banff Trail Riders. Passionate about the Canadian tourism industry and Canada’s National Parks, Julie is a torch bearer for women in tourism and a champion for small and medium sized businesses which form the cornerstone of tourism in Canada.

Zita Cobb
Zita Cobb Co-Founder and CEO, Shorefast Foundation LinkedIn

In the early 2000’s, Zita co-founded the Shorefast Foundation, Fogo Island Inn was one of many projects developed to benefit the community. Zita was awarded the Order of Canada in 2016 to acknowledge this work in collaboration with the community of Fogo Island Inn.

Stan Cook
Stan Cook Former Owner and President, Stan Cook Sea Kayak Adventures LinkedIn

Stan is a strong advocate for tourism, chairing various boards including as founding chair for the Adventure Tourism Association of Newfoundland, the Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Board and Atlantic Canada Tourism.

Randy Garfield
Randy Garfield Former President, Walt Disney Travel LinkedIn

Randy brings over 40 years of tourism experience, with an award-winning career at Disney Destinations where he was Executive Vice-President of Worldwide Sales and Travel Operations.

Patricia Macdonald
Patricia Macdonald Co-founder & CEO, Old Tomorrow Ltd. LinkedIn

Pat has extensive experience in tourism and culture and held senior leadership roles for the St. Lawrence Parks Commission, YTV, CN Tower and Canada’s Wonderland, and served as Ontario's Assistant Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Trade.

Andrew Torriani
Andrew Torriani President, CEO and General Manager, Ritz-Carlton Montréal LinkedIn

Andrew has been in the tourism industry most of his life, with a strong passion for providing exceptional hospitality in the hotel sector. Andrew is passionate about and committed to developing his community.

Marsha Walden
Marsha Walden President and CEO LinkedIn

Marsha’s career spans leadership roles in strategy and organizational renewal, marketing and communications, corporate social responsibility, operations management, and business innovation. She joins Destination Canada from Destination British Columbia where she served as the President and CEO since 2013.

Anwar Chaudhry
Anwar Chaudhry Senior Vice President, Finance and Risk Management and Chief Financial Officer LinkedIn

Anwar brings a strong public and private sector financial background, having held senior roles at Pacific Northern Gas Ltd., BC Transit and ICBC.

Gloria Loree
Gloria Loree Senior Vice-President, Marketing Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer LinkedIn

A proud storyteller for Canada, Gloria’s 20+ years of experience in marketing and communications includes working in tourism, the arts and journalism.

Maureen Riley
Maureen Riley Vice-President, International LinkedIn

Maureen brings an unparalleled depth and diversity of experience in the tourism sector, both in Canada and globally, to ensure strong leadership and oversight of our international teams.

David Robinson
David Robinson Vice-President, Strategy and Stakeholder Relations LinkedIn

With a career in both public and private industry spanning 25 years, David has a proven track record of innovative leadership and project-stewardship. David led the Government of Canada's preparations for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, including the coordination of more than 30 federal departments and agencies.

Gracen Chungath
Gracen Chungath Senior Vice President, Destination Development LinkedIn

Gracen Chungath has a proven record of building purposeful relationships with internal and external partners. Her strategic nature and collaborative personality will be an excellent addition to Destination Canada as we develop a pan-Canadian strategy for Destination Development focusing on investment, strategic partnerships, stewardship and capacity building.

Meaghan Ferrigno
Meaghan Ferrigno Chief Data and Analytics Officer LinkedIn

Meaghan brings an exceptional range of expertise in data-enabled competitive strategies and business agility. She is a certified CPA, CMA who holds an MBA in Management Technology from SFU’s Beedie School of Business as well as a PMP designation. 

Sarah Sidhu
Sarah Sidhu General Counsel and Corporate Secretary LinkedIn

Experienced in private and public sectors, Sarah brings expertise in corporate finance, negotiation, intellectual property, governance issues and risk management.


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