Market Background

In 2016, US arrivals increased by 10% to reach 13.9 million, thanks to a strong US dollar and rebounding consumer confidence.

The US is Canada’s biggest source of visitors. In 2016, 13.9 million visiting Americans generated about 48% of Canada’s total international tourism revenue.

Overall arrivals from the US in 2016 were at their highest since 2005, with air arrivals, up 17% over 2015, representing an increasing share of arrivals. Despite low air capacity growth (3%), the 4.53 million air arrivals in 2016 were the highest on record.

Visitors from the US skew older, with visitors aged 55+ accounting for 48% of arrivals.




Market Reports

Global Tourism Watch

Consumer-based intelligence and key strategic considerations for the tourism market in the United States from our annual Global Tourism Watch study in 2016.

Global Tourism Watch

Connecting America

Application form to submit creative marketing proposals for co-investment through Destination Canada's Connecting America co-op marketing program.

Market Highlights

A brief, at-a-glance summary of key facts on travellers from the United States.

Market Highlights

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Consumer Campaigns

This campaign featured storytelling content to showcase the unexpected side of Canada. This approach integrated publishers and a multi-channel media strategy to inspire US travellers.

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Canada Media Marketplace is an annual event that brings together the best in US travel media with provincial/territorial and regional Canadian tourism organizations, major hotel properties, attractions and transportation companies to inspire great storytelling.

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