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In 2017, international arrivals to Canada reached a new all-time high of 20.8 million (+4.4% over 2016), surpassing the record high of 20.06 million previously set in 2002 by 3.9%.

The share of international overnight arrivals to Canada from countries other than the United States reached an all-time high of 31% in 2017, up from 19% during the previous peak year of 2002.

Overnight arrivals from non-US (overseas) origins (+7.2%) expanded at a pace slightly ahead of global international arrivals as reported by the UNWTO (+6.7%), with Destination Canada’s ten overseas markets (+9.1%) expanding at twice the rate as non-Destination Canada markets (4%).

  • 2017 was the best year ever for Canadian tourism, we welcomed a record breaking 20.8M overnight arrivals, surpassing the previous 2002 record by 4%!

  • As well as the best year ever for total arrivals to Canada, China, France, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, India and Brazil all had their highest arrivals in 2017 too.

  • Direct air capacity to Canada increased by 7% in 2017, supporting a large increase in visitors arriving by air.

  • Overseas travellers, who typically spend more on trips to Canada than US travellers, represented 31% of all travellers to Canada (compared to 19% in 2002).

  • With 1.9M arrivals to Canada in 2017, @DestinationCAN's Asia-Pacific markets surpassed our European markets as our largest overseas region in 2017.

  • @DestinationCAN's Latin American markets led the growth in international arrivals to Canada in 2017 (+39% over 2016).

  • Arrivals from overseas (+7.2%) expanded slightly more than global international arrivals (+6.7%) in 2017, with @DestinationCAN’s overseas markets (+9%) expanding 2x the rate of non-Destination Canada markets (+4%).