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Stellar performances in overnight arrivals from Destination Canada’s eleven international markets in July 2016 of last year (+12%) cast a shadow over what appeared to be subdued results in July 2017 of this year (-0.5% over July 2016) and served to hide robust growth from most Destination Canada markets (+6% annual average since 2015). 

Year-to-date July 2017, overnight arrivals from Destination Canada’s 10 overseas markets were up 12% over July 2016, with Destination Canada’s Latin-America region leading the way (+44%), followed by Asia-Pacific (+14%) and Europe (+3%). Arrivals from the US stood at +2% year-over-year. 

  • Between Jan - July 2017, 11.7M travellers have been to #ExploreCanada this year, up 4% over 2016.

  • 72% of visitors from @DestinationCAN’s European markets arrived by air directly from overseas year-to-date in 2017.

  • 4 of @DestinationCAN’s markets had their best ever month in July 2017; France, China, Mexico and Brazil.

  • Year-to-date July 2017, overnight arrivals from @DestinationCAN’s Asia Pacific markets grew 14%.