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Explorer Quotient

What is Explorer Quotient?

The EQ Toolkit provides tourism businesses with valuable insights into why and how different people like to travel.

EQ goes beyond traditional market research of defining people. It looks deeper at individuals’ personal beliefs, social values and views of the world to learn exactly why different types of travellers seek out entirely different travel experiences.


Explorer Quotient

How to Implement Explorer Quotient

The EQ Toolkit guides users step-by-step through each of the six modules with a series of worksheets and practical examples.

Learn about EQ and how to implement the program by developing a strategic plan with an EQ authorized trainer or receiving consulting services from a Provincial Marketing Organization (PMO) or Destination Marketing Organization (DMO).

EQ authorized trainers (EQATs) are licensed individuals with marketing or tourism experience who teach or coach EQ methods. They can be found on this list.

EQ authorized trainers

Explorer Quotient in Action

Share the experiences of some of EQ’s success stories and learn how they transformed a world of explorers into some of their best customers.

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Explorer Quotient Resources

Here are some tools to get you on your way to more fully understanding EQ. This is just a taste of what is available. Many more resources are available if you choose to pursue EQ and gain an advantage in the competitive global travel market.