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As a Haida cultural ambassador, traditional performer, master of ceremonies, writer and Indigenous guide, Cohen Bradley melds culture and tourism. Bradley is proud to hold the names of Taaydal (“coming in big”) and Gidin Kuns (“powerful eagle”) in his Clan and Nation.

His passion for stories told in their many forms began when he was a child in the Potlatch house, and the legends and traditions of his ancestors have guided his work ever since. Bradley began working in tourism at a young age and was given opportunities to study the oral histories and cultures of many First Nations. These experiences fuel his dedication to support the restoration of traditional practices in the modern context.

“True legacy for me are the warps that make up my basket, of identity, stories, art, language, traditions, and a positive and healthy relationship with the lands and waters. That is the foundational legacy we should look to leave.”


Updated June 15, 2023

Cohen Bradley

Cohen Bradley, Master of ceremonies
Haida Gwaii, British Columbia




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