Our People

International Marketing Teams

In-market specialists help define our strategic direction and success. They work closely with their teams in 8 countries on integrated marketing and sales plans, including direct to consumer, trade, and media relations. Based in London, our UK team supports marketing strategies in Europe. Our Beijing and Tokyo offices manage the Asia market. From our headquarters in Vancouver, our North American Markets team oversees the United States and Mexico and supports all other countries as well.


Global Marketing

Our Global Marketing team gives strategic direction, project management support, and resources to in-market teams worldwide for paid media, programs, campaigns, and projects.


Digital Marketing

This team of specialists supports projects and campaigns for search engine optimization and search engine marketing, consumer websites, project landing pages and platforms, e-newsletters, online analytics, website performance reports, and paid digital media.   


Creative Services

Brand guidance, creative strategy, and graphic design of our branded materials is this team’s core work. That includes websites, tradeshow and event collateral, print and online advertising, icons and brochures, photography, and our Brand Canada Library image and video database.


Global Communications

Our Global Communications team is responsible for consumer media relations strategies in partnership with our in-market teams and agencies. The department plans and hosts PR events, such as Canada’s GoMedia, Canada Media Marketplace in the U.S., and Rendez-vous Canada for trade media, plus manages the Signature Experiences and Millennial Travel programs.


Content Team

Our Content Team gives strategic direction, support, and resources to in-market teams worldwide for programs, campaigns, and projects. This group also leads content creation, including our international social media presence and consumer-facing websites.  


Research & Analytics

The specialists in this group ask the tough questions. They use data and create analytical models to develop market intelligence and analysis that guides sound strategic and operational decisions. The team’s research products and tools also inform marketing strategy and planning for our key markets and partners.


Industry Partnerships (Canada)

This department is tasked with securing additional Canadian partner investment into our key markets, managing partner relations, and working to engage partners in in-market opportunities. Canadian industry partners include provinces, territories, cities, towns and resorts, attractions, transportation companies, accommodations, and other service providers.


Business Events

The Destination Canada Business Events team is charged with bringing international meetings, conventions, and incentive travel to Canada. Using research and market intelligence, we promote Canada as the leading destination for hosting business events aligned with our priority economic sectors. Through strategic marketing and business development, we target decision-makers and influencers to generate qualified business event opportunities for Canada.


Strategy and Stakeholder Relations

Corporate Communications is responsible for our organizational voice. The team prepares corporate strategies, reports to the Government of Canada, and shares our key messages with the tourism industry, domestic news media, provincial partners, and other stakeholders. Responsibilities also include communicating operational news to employees, strategic communications advice for senior management, including briefing notes on issues, speaking notes, presentations, and media releases. This team also supports translation services as part of our requirement to communicate with Canadians in French and English.


Finance & Procurement

The Finance Department prepares timely, accurate financial statements for supporting senior management decision-making, forecasting and management of the corporate budget, expenditures, managing pension funds, and coordinating corporate audits. This team also works with federal government central agencies, using an accountability framework with effective financial controls and processes. Also core are procurement and contract management services, including delivery, development, management and administration of our contracts, and related services for each business unit.


IT & Facilities Management

IT is responsible for technical support to our staff and keeping all our technology up-to-date and in good working order: Hardware, software, hardware, mobile and wireless devices, as well as networks and phone services. The department’s executive director oversees facilities and physical assets worldwide, including leases, facilities, security, and office relocation.


Human Resources

The Human Resources Department (HR) helps build our workforce and manage our staff to ensure the organization meets its objectives. The team offers advice and guidance in many areas, including recruitment, organizational design, pay and benefits, HR analytics and policy, employment terms and conditions, training and development, succession planning, performance management, labour relations, safety, and wellness.


Legal Services

Giving legal advice and guidance, the Legal team ensures a strong and effective Board of Directors and corporate governance structure.


Destination Development

The Destination Development department works together in partnership with diverse stakeholders – governmental, private and civic organizations – in order to inspire and enable strategic investments throughout Canada. This department’s leadership stewards Canada’s transition into a thriving, regenerative visitor economy that is recognized by Canadians as contributing to a high quality of life with net economic, socio-cultural and environmental benefits.