Vacations of the Brave

Vacations of the Brave
“The people are what really are going to leave the imprint on my heart.” 
- Eric Maison, Vacations of the Brave

Destination Canada is releasing an original travel series titled “Vacations of the Brave,” which will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on November 10, 2018 in the US. The first four episodes will premiere in 2018 with additional episodes released in 2019.

“Vacations of the Brave” aims to motivate travellers to set out on their own transformational journeys of adventure, inspiration and self-discovery in Canada.



The series follows real Americans who have made a positive difference at home, are breaking barriers and redefining bravery in America, on a quest north of the US border.

Each episode features a different hero on their unique journey of discovery in Canada. They meet people and places that challenge themselves physically and emotionally in Canada.

The series showcases the best of Canada’s landscape, culture and people by highlighting the country’s multiculturalism through food, festivals and events. 

Episode 1: Ontario (Toronto, Manitoulin Island, Tobermory)

Dallas ice cream shop owner Tom and his star employee, Kalin, venture to Ontario. They freestyle in the Caribbean Carnival,hoop dance at a First Nations powwow, explore underwater shipwrecks and come to a powerful realization.

Episode 2: British Columbia (Vancouver, Haida Gwaii)

Friends and fashion designers, Angela and Autumn, abandon the familiarity of their urban world for the rugged beauty of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. In the shadow of towering, 1000-year-old cedar trees, the young women learn about the true strength of their own spirit.

Episode 3: New Brunswick (Hopewell Rocks, Alma) and Nova Scotia (LaHave, Mahone Bay, Halifax)

Eric and Corey, a transgender father and daughter travel from Southern Michigan to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. They fish for lobster, call to seals, dance a jig and, most importantly find the acceptance they are seeking.

Episode 4: Quebec (Québec City, Montréal)

Mandy Harvey came to prominence on America’s Got Talent as a musician who lost her hearing at the age of 18. With her father, Joe, they leave the Florida Gulf Coast behind to experience the lakes, pine trees and sky diving of Québec on a journey that pushes the bounds of Mandy’s senses. 


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