Updates to Destination Canada's brands

Consumer Marketing and BEC branding updates

We are pleased to share an evolution of Destination Canada's Consumer and Business Events Canada branding with our partners in the tourism industry.

Following our successful corporate branding update to Destination Canada, we have been working on a visual update that maintains the core of our brand thinking and that supports the Brand Canada message we share as part of Team Canada. These changes are an evolution of our current visual design and bring all elements of our external facing visual identity into alignment.

We will launch the new Consumer Marketing and Business Events Canada logos via our web properties January 17, 2017. We will be updating our materials on a go-forward basis.

To support this change, we have produced a short document on using the logos and are making the files available for public access via our Brand Canada Library. You can also find the complete Brand Guidelines via our corporate website.

Please contact Adam Brownfield, Digital and Creative Services for further information or support.

Posted: 2017-01-16