Destination Canada releases 2015 Annual Report

Destination Canada releases 2015 Annual Report

Destination Canada inspires the world to visit Canada and highlights a banner year for the country’s tourism industry and the Canada brand in the 2015 Annual Report Ambitious Together.

Destination Canada’s 2015 Annual Report: Ambitious Together puts the spotlight on a banner year for the Canadian tourism industry with the rise in international arrivals to Canada almost doubling the world average. Proving the value of a collaborative approach to tourism marketing, Destination Canada and our partners experienced far greater recognition in our international markets than individual marketing organizations, transportation companies, hotels and attractions would have attracted independently.

For the first time in over a decade, Canada’s growth of international arrivals, at 7.5%, outpaced the international growth of 4.4% – which means Canada is actually growing global market share.

“We are proud of the role that Destination Canada played in helping to stimulate such growth, especially from the markets where DC co-invests with our partners," says Olga Ilich, Chair of Destination Canada’s Board of Directors. “In 2015, we saw a visitor growth rate almost 80% higher than the international average.”

Overall tourism export revenue reached close to $17 billion, maintaining Canada’s tourism industry as one of the country’s crucial economic drivers and number one service export, with almost 637,000 jobs directly attributable to tourism.

The 2015 Annual Report highlights Destination Canada’s 2015 marketing activities, and the positive results of our marketing campaigns on Canada’s economy.

"We work closely with the industry and our partners to increase Canada’s share of international arrivals,” says David Goldstein, Destination Canada’s President and CEO. “The Canada brand has never been stronger and together with our partners we are changing perceptions: Canada’s not cold, it’s cool."

The Annual Report is Destination Canada’s mechanism for reporting to Parliament and to Canadians on its activities during its fiscal year.

Posted: 2016-05-11