Connecting America Co-op Marketing Program

Connecting America Co-op Marketing Program

Using our collective experiences and resources to drive incremental visitation to Canada.

Tap into $3,000,000 CAD of co-investment opportunities with Destination Canada. We may match up to $0.50 cents to your $1 cash investment, to a maximum of $250,000 to your $500,000+, for any single creative marketing proposal that meets the criteria below. Submit your application, demonstrating your ability to meet these criteria by the deadline to be considered. The bi-annual submission periods (intakes) are in April and November. To note, Destination Canada does reserve the right to invest to a lower ratio, pending its evaluation of your submission and the overall demand on the Connecting America Co-op Marketing Program.

Since 2016, the Connecting America Co-op Marketing Program co-invested in many marketing campaigns submitted by our partners from coast to coast to coast.  This enabled Team Canada to reach a larger and more engaged audience while realizing our creative mission to continue to change perceptions among US travellers and position our unique culture and experiences to attract more of our target market. Though Destination Canada’s marketing campaign targets Cultural Explorers and Authentic Experiencers (learn more about Explorer Quotient) age 25-44, who live in 9  major U.S. cities, we’re open to receiving applications that target other audiences within the US that align with our program and your brand.  

What we know for 2018:

More than 4.1 million potential US Learners intend on travelling to Canada in the next two years. Through our Connecting America program, we have grown awareness of Canada as a travel destination amongst our target market. And, based on our research, US Learners are interested in visiting a variety of different Canadian regions, while multi-province trips have also grown. As direct air access to Canada increases, so have air arrivals - by 35% year-on-year. Besides a focus on multi-provincial trips, we're looking to increase shoulder season travel (October through April), while maintaining our focus on air arrivals.

Deadline for submissions:

April 30, 2018, for activation in Fall 2018 and Winter 2019.

Complete our application form and submit by the deadline. All proposals will be reviewed and evaluated based on the criteria and weighting outlined within the application.

What to keep in mind when submitting - here is your checklist:

  • Does your submission demonstrate collaboration across regions, industry sectors, inter-provincial or pan-Canada?
  • Is your target audience either Learners (Cultural Explorers and Authentic Experiencers, ages 25-44 living in our target US cities) or a well-defined alternative that aligns or complements this audience?
  • Does your proposal target this audience, who will fly to Canada from one or more of the following cities: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston and Dallas?
  • Are you collaborating with multiple partners such as destinations, tourism experiences, transportation and accommodation? Our target audience, Learners, like to immerse themselves while discovering and absorbing unique cultures. 
  • Are you highlighting a distinctive experience in one or more of the four seasons?
  • Are you considering promoting lesser-known experiences and destinations?
  • Is it a new proposal? If the proposal is supporting existing programs or those from prior years, does it demonstrate growth or innovation (compared to the previous application)?
  • Did you include in your proposal strong and well-defined key measures of success and performance indicators (KPIs)?  You will be asked to submit a final performance report upon completion of your initiative.
  • Did you include a budget?
    • Does your budget include co-investor contributions and your expenses?
    • Within the budget, are the agency management fees and other operational expenses less than 15% of the total program budget? Destination Canada is looking to maximize investment in marketing activities.
    • Is the investment from private organizations greater than 40%?
    • Have you clearly indicated the cash versus in-kind contributions for each partner, including yours? Please, also indicate if other government funding is included.
  • Do your marketing goals, strategy, and channel integration aligned with, or are complementary to, Destination Canada's US strategy? (Click here for more details)
    • Our target learners are free and independent travelers (FIT) and travel with a friend or loved one. They book direct and online with their favourite airline, accommodation or OTA. They are also online all day and are heavy social media users.

Destination Canada may seek rights to the creative assets utilized in your initiative; providing confirmation of usage rights will be considered an asset. Destination Canada appreciates the time it takes to craft a successful application. We recommend you review the application form in detail to understand the exact information needed to be submitted for review. If you have any questions, please contact Kate Rogers at

Updated: 23 March 2018