20th Annual Public Meeting

20th Annual Public Meeting

On December 2, we held our 20th Annual Public Meeting (APM) virtually.

Thank you to the 500 members of our tourism sector who joined us from across Canada for this year’s event. If you missed this year’s APM, a recording is now available.



Our Board Chair, Ben Cowan-Dewar started the APM with an overview of highlights from 2019, setting the stage for how events have transpired over the past year and reflecting on what we can aspire to, not only retain, but also surpass.

We then provided an in-depth look at how the past few months have shaped our reality in the tourism sector today. We outlined how hard our sector has been hit and the ripple effect this has across other industries and the country.

Our team also shared an overview of the work Destination Canada has done and what we’ve learnt from our efforts over the summer season. We outlined our approach as we move forward into the winter season and beyond as we continue to help Canadians know what they can do in a way that respects local guidelines, and communicate the full scope and impact of the visitor economy in our daily lives.

Lastly, the APM provided us with an opportunity to outline our new strategy to support the recovery of our sector and to build a more resilient future for our industry. Our focus at Destination Canada is to give Canada’s tourism industry the best possible chance of success in the new global marketplace that emerges. In order to achieve this, the Destination Canada of yesterday, cannot be the Destination Canada of tomorrow.

We know that 2020 is vastly different and that recovery will take years. But we can, and have, established a strong foundation to support the sector today and into the future.

During the APM, we received a number of questions from industry, some of which we did not have time to answer live during the broadcast. A full list of all questions asked during the event and their respective answers is now available here.