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In 2018, international overnight arrivals to Canada reached a new height of 21.13 million visitors, surpassing the record level previously achieved in 2017 by 1.2% and breaking the 21 million mark for the first time ever.

While total arrivals from Destination Canada’s long-haul markets in 2018 remained on par with 2017, several key markets reached new milestones. China, France, and Mexico surpassed the 700K, 600K, and 400K marks, respectively, for annual visitors to Canada for the first time in 2018. Meanwhile, India climbed to our 7th largest inbound market.

  • 2018 was the best year ever for international arrivals to Canada with 21.13 million tourists, breaking the 21 million mark for the first time.

  • Overnight arrivals to Canada from countries other than the United States reached an all-time high of 6.7 million in 2018, representing 32% of the total arrivals.

  • As well as the best year ever for total arrivals to Canada, China, France, Mexico and India all set new annual arrivals records in 2018 too.

  • While setting many new annual records with the final 2018 data, we also had our busiest December ever with over 1.4M visitors.