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In spite of a slight retraction in February 2019 (-2% year-over-year), international tourist arrivals to Canada reached a new peak for the first two months of 2019 as Canada welcomed 1.9 million overnight visitors (+1% year-over-year).

  • From January-February 2019, Canada welcomed a record 1.9 million international visitors (+1% YOY).

  • Year-to-date long-haul arrivals achieved a new record peak, reaching 665K (+2%). 

  • February 2019 set new records for arrivals from India (12K,+22%), France (36K, +4%), and Mexico (24K, +27%). In particular, air arrivals direct from overseas increased from all 3 countries.

  • Year-to-date arrivals from Destination Canada's nine long-haul markets (+2%) grew at a faster pace than US arrivals (+1%).