Market Background

2016 marked a record year for travel by Indians to Canada, with over 215,000 travellers choosing to explore Canada, up 13% over 2015.

Arrivals growth was underpinned by solid underlying economic growth, rapidly growing expenditure on goods and services, and considerable expansion of direct air access from India.

According to Destination Canada’s research, a sizeable 42% of potential travellers from India expect to spend more on long haul travel in the next 12 months, marking considerable opportunity for Canada.

In 2015, visiting friends and family was a major motivation for coming to Canada (52% of travellers), with Indian tourists travelling predominantly as a family.

The largest proportion of recreational and VFR travellers were aged 55+ (45%), followed by those aged 35-54 years (29%).


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Consumer Campaigns

The 2016 Canada travel guide is a localized magazine produced for the Indian market. It has been distributed to key Indian trade and media to stimulate travel to Canada.

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