Maligne Canyon, Jasper National Park

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Engaging with our Social Media Channels & Websites

Destination Canada uses content marketing to help travellers fall in love with Canada and find experiences they would like to do.

We are present on key platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WeChat, Weibo and Naver. We also have websites dedicated to every one of our target markets.

Whistler, British Columbia


Our Instagram feed features the best in-season photos and videos from around Canada every day. All posts are curated based on content shared on the platform using #ExploreCanada. Our Instagram stories also feature timely experiences on a regular basis.

Get involved:

  • Tag your posts with #ExploreCanada and @ExploreCanada to share your photos and videos with our team. They curate and feature their  favourite posts from that feed daily.
  • Participate in #TravelTuesday on the first and third Tuesday of the month. #TravelTuesday is an Instagram post where we invite travellers to ask their trip planning questions about specific regions in Canada. Respond to the comments that are relevant to your business by offering suggestions pointing travellers in your direction.



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Our Facebook page has a high level of engagement. There, we showcase inspiring photos and videos from across Canada daily and post a combination of curated user-generated content and videos made for social media.

Get involved:

  • Engage with fans conversations on our wall by uploading your photos and responding to questions in the comment section under our posts.
  • If your team is producing social media optimized videos or if one of your videos goes viral, reach out to our team for amplification (


Video optimized for social media:

  • Bite-size content
  • Short
  • Can be watched without sound on





Our consumer Twitter account provides relevant travel information, news and photos about Canada. Our corporate Twitter account provides information and news for the Canadian tourism sector. 

Get involved:

  • Use #ExploreCanada to share your tweets with us. We retweet content daily.
  • Participate in #CanadaChat our seasonal Twitter Chat. which brings together travellers, bloggers, writers and the tourism industry. Questions are shared in advance here to plan answers and help you focus on engagement during the chat.


Our Pinterest profile is a US-focused channel that inspires travellers to create their ideal holiday in Canada. Travellers do so by collecting our pins on their own boards.

Get involved:

  • Use #ExploreCanada in your pins to make it easy for travellers to surface your content.
  • Publish beautiful and informative pins to your profile so that travellers add your pins to their boards.
  • Create a board with your favourite content from @ExploreCanada.


WeChat is a key part of everyday life in China, with almost every user (78% of the 1.15 billion mobile users in China) accessing WeChat at least 10 times a day. It’s a complex online ecosystem combining text message, group chat, video/audio call, as well as news, articles, music and image sharing. It’s also an emerging payment tool.

On WeChat, we post articles that are aligned with Destination Canada’s five content themes, including transformative travel experiences. One of our focuses is to promote lesser-known destinations. 

Get involved:

  • Engage with fan conversations by leaving comments at the end of each article or responding to questions in the comment section under our posts.
  • “WOW” (similar to ‘like’) the posts you like so that your followers/friends on WeChat can see the post you just liked.
  • Re-post the article to your friend’s circle to get content amplification.


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Weibo is a comprehensive Chinese microblogging website combining photos, short videos, news, articles, text, live streaming and live sharing with images. It’s seen as the Chinese version of Twitter. Users typically have a high educational background and are from tier one, two and three cities.

Since Weibo is similar to Twitter and Instagram, we showcase inspiring photos and videos from across Canada. We re-post content from partners as well as user generated content from Chinese travellers and execute mini social media campaigns.

Get involved:

  • Engage with fans conversations on our wall by uploading your photos and responding to questions in the comment section under our posts.
  • Like or repost our posts/images/videos on your wall, so a wider range of followers can see our content.


Weibo Explore Canada QR Code




Naver is South Korea’s most popular search engine. It offers also offers email, e-commerce, social media, wireless payments, online streaming and mapping. Our Naver blog provides in-depth information and timely content from each province and territory. Readers engage with our Naver content using likes and comments.

Get involved:

  • If your team is planning to produce online contents on Naver, reach out to our team for amplification (
  • Engage with people by comments under our posts by uploading photo, videos and text.
  • Respond to questions in the comment section under our posts.
  • To maximize users’ engagement and views, run advertisement to expose the contents on the main page, Naver Pan.

Keep Exploring Websites

Our Keep Exploring websites are an amazing source of information for prospective travellers to Canada, and also a fantastic tool for driving leads to partner websites. In 2018, these websites earned over 8 million page views combined. 

We have an always-on approach to these websites, meaning that strive to add at least one new piece of content to each of these sites every week.

Get involved:

  • Our websites are not “listings” sites, but instead focus on editorial and storytelling. Most of our website content (over 90%) comes from provincial and territorial marketing organizations. They provide us with content that we localize and syndicate on our various market sites. 
  • Therefore, the best way for you to be featured on our website is to work with your provincial marketing organization. 
  • If you’re featured in the content they provide us for syndication, there’s a good chance you’ll end up on our website. An additional way to appear on our site is by becoming a Canadian Signature Experience
  • If you see any errors on our websites that require correction, please email