New Brunswick

Destination Canada Accessibility Plan

Updated in December 2023

Destination Canada (DC) acknowledges the difficulties persons with disabilities continue to face with accessing mainstream employment. To that end, we are committed to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, within DC. Paramount to this work is our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment at DC where people with various abilities can bring their true potential, unparalleled skills, and unique outlooks to our workforce.

Accessibility is an ever-evolving area, and we believe this plan is a living document that should be updated over an extended horizon. Therefore, we highly encourage our audience to continue sharing their feedback through the channel of their choice. For those who have already dedicated time and effort in bringing this plan to life, your input is appreciated. Together, we look forward to dismantling the existing barriers and extending opportunities for people of all abilities.

Download Accessibility Plan (PDF, 522 KB)

Download Accessibility Progress Report (PDF, 712 KB)


Feedback Process

We welcome constructive feedback that will help Destination Canada become a more accessible organization.

If you would like to provide feedback on this Accessibility Plan, please direct it to Whitney Friesen, Senior Talent Advisor by one of the following methods:

All feedback will be acknowledged with a message of receipt within 15 business days. All follow-up responses will be sent in the same method as received. Anonymous feedback will not receive a verification of receipt, other than the standardized system generated message.

The feedback will be considered by our DC Accessibility Committee during the development of status update reports and subsequent revisions to the Accessibility Plan. Our progress reports will update on the quantity and nature of feedback received and our intended actions. Your acknowledgement of receipt will advise you of the anticipated timeline of the next report or revision.

All feedback will be stored either electronically or in print for seven years on our secured hard-drive or secured HR (Human Resources) file cabinet. Any feedback provided via phone will be audio recorded (with permission) or transcribed for record keeping.

If you want to request a copy of the Accessibility Plan in an alternative format, please contact Whitney Friesen, Senior Talent Advisor (contact info above). You can expect to receive the alternative format as per the timeline below.

  • For print, large print, and electronic formats: within 15 days (about 2 weeks) after receiving the request.
  • For braille or audio formats: within 45 days (about 1 and a half months) after receiving the request.