COVID-19 External Research

There is a wealth of third-party research and commentary being published as our industry regroups to recover from COVID-19. Destination Canada continues to consult and review the outputs of many global and market-specific research, travel and tourism organizations to ensure we are best-placed to lead Canada through this situation.

Please note, Destination Canada does not endorse or validate third-party research.



We have gathered a list of articles that might be of interest for you:


What would happen if business travel stopped?

It’s the current reality, but Harvard’s Growth Lab’s answer may surprise you. Their initial research goal was to explore if the importance of know how (acquired from mobility and/or experience) explains why firms so heavily relied on business travel. But today their findings shed light on the potential impact of the world’s paused business travel has on national economies.

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Google’s Canada Blog & Help Centre

Google’s Canada Blog ‘Make informed travel decision with confidence’ provides some insight into consumer behaviour and how the search engine is meeting consumer needs in this season. Google’s Help Centre provides Guidance to Businesses affected by COVID-19 and how to update your My Business profile to best meet consumer needs.   

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McKinsey’s report: ‘Make it better, not just safer: The opportunity to reinvent travel’

Management Consulting firm McKinsey and Company have published a commentary on re-inventing and re-imagining travel. 

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Travel & Tourism Research Association's list of resources

Tourism and Travel Research Association have complied a comprehensive list of resources including research and insights, economic forecasts and more. 

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Travel’s Reopening: A Global Timeline

Keep abreast of the latest international re-openings with this regularly updated timeline published by Skift.

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Beyond COVID-19: The Road to Recovery for the Travel Industry

TripAdvisor’s latest White Paper brings together first-party data from their platform and survey data to provide an overview of their phased approach to recovery. The interesting and comprehensive (but digestible) report includes an overview of various global markets and industry sectors, with clear takeaways.

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The UN World Tourism Organisation is providing expertise, resources and gathering member states to lead an effective response to the crisis. New resources, news articles and updates are published regularly.

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