Q: I’m an employer and I have questions about my employees, EI and work-sharing:


Q: I’m a small business owner and I need financial support. Where can I get financial support?


Q: When will the travel ban be lifted and how can I keep up with all the travel advisories?


Q: I understand the government of Canada has communicated an estimated date to which the travel ban will be lifted?

  • Please see the Public Health Agency of Canada for official government messaging. Due to the uncertainty and quick moving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, please note that any end date for international travel bans published by the government may change as the situation requires. This means the travel ban might be lifted sooner or later than any published date.
  • As tourism industry professionals, our best advice is to treat these published end dates as “to be confirmed”. Destination Canada will relay any change in travel restriction dates as soon as the information becomes available on this page.