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Destination Canada Research


The Canadian visitor economy is facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that research is required to guide our collective response so we can make evidence-based decisions. 

Destination Canada regularly provides intelligence, tools and insights to our partners—equipping them to optimize their business and maximize their reach. As a result of COVID-19, this work is needed more than ever.

The research below will quantify the impacts of COVID-19 on an ongoing basis—check back often for updated products. It will help us understand when recovery will start and how effectively and quickly we are recovering to inform our go-forward marketing. It also seeks to understand the non-quantifiable effects, such as structural changes in tourism and lasting changes in consumer preferences.

This information will inform evidence-based decisions throughout all three phases of Response, Recovery and Resilience. To learn more about Destination Canada’s phased approach, visit here.


Latest Research


COVID-19 Research Summary

An overview of Destination Canada's COVID-19 Research Plan. Please read this document to better understand the below research products.

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Tourism’s Big Shift: Key Trends Shaping the Future of Canada’s Tourism Industry

The report identifies the key trends that will have the greatest impact on Canada’s travel and tourism industry in the next one to three years.

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US Sentiment for Travel to Canada

This report shares Destination Canada's latest research on Americans’ travel demand for Canada and sentiment towards travel to Canada.


Archived reports


COVID-19’s Impact on Canadian Tourism

These presentations are intended for industry-at-large to quantify the impact of COVID-19. They provide updates on the state of the Canadian tourism sector at varying times in the outbreak by looking at the visitor demand forecast and break impact down by province and by key industry sectors.


Archived Reports


COVID-19 Recovery Signals Framework

This document explains the framework that Destination Canada is using to understand where, when, and how recovery could unfold for the tourism sector. This framework is being used to inform the Impact and Recovery Reports below. 

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COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Reports

These reports provide Destination Canada's most recent assessment of the impacts of COVID-19 and relevant recovery signals in the Domestic Market as well as 2020 summaries of International Markets and Business Events.

Please note: All dates below reference the reporting date. For more information on the methodologies and relevant sources used in these reports, please refer to our Methodological Notes


Latest Reports

Domestic Recovery Infographic – May 24, 2022

COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Report: Domestic Summary

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Archived Reports


Canadian Resident Sentiment

These documents provide an understanding of the level of ‘welcome’ that residents of each province/region are feeling towards visitors.


Archived Reports


Canada's Business Events Restart Recovery Framework

Building off research projects conducted in 2020, we are pleased to share our report on Canada’s Business Events Restart Recovery Framework. This document provides an update on the current impact of business events and a forward look at recovery and restart, including:  

  • Business Events: State of the industry – an update on the impacts of covid-19 
  • Insight from a global business events scan – summary findings from our recent research project where we heard from executive directors, planners, industry associations and Canadian partners that have informed how we prepare for a post COVID-19 resumption of events  
  • Canada’s recovery restart framework – an evidence-based approach to track early signals of the resumption of business events in order to support planning and our industry deliver the right activities at the right time.  


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COVID-19 Business Events Planner Pulse Check

Insights into the future of business events in Canada: A planner pulse check in the era of COVID-19.

As part of ongoing research into the impacts of COVID-19, Destination Canada has been continually monitoring planner sentiment within the international Business Events market resulting in regular Business Events Planner Pulse Checks. Pulse Checks range from May 2020 through to March 2021. View our most recent report below.


Archived Reports

External Research


Destination Canada continues to consult and review the outputs of many global and market-specific research, travel and tourism organizations to ensure we are best-placed to support Canada in its recovery.

Find out more about external research